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The visitor can go horseback riding in Limnos and even take part in the annual equestrian games of Agios Georgios, where every year the locals revive, in the village of Kalliopi, this custom that dates back to the Turkish rule. To honor the saint, the residents of the village prepare their horse for the games; the riders wear a red scarf in the saint's honor.
During the Turkish rule at the equestrian games, two teams participated, the one of the Christians and the one of the Mulsims, who respected the custom. It was only in the war of the 40's that the custom stopped for two years, as there were no young men to compete. Nowadays, the residents of Kalliopi and other neighboring village breed and train horses exclusively to take part in the Equestrian Games of Agios Georgios.

Limnos' long coastline, but also the strong winds there, gives the opportunity to the tourist to enjoy its beaches and all kinds of water sports.
Windsurfing is one of the most exciting sea sports and it has many fans. It is a challenge for people of all ages to tame the elements of wind and water.
You can windsurf almost all year around, starting from early spring until the last days of autumn. Windsurfing is an Olympic sport.
Kitesurf is a water sport that combines aspects of windsurfing, waterski, wakeboard, and paragliding. The kitesurfer harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water on a kiteboard
Ideal beaches for water sports are the ones in Keros, Moudros and the beach of Avlonas in Myrina.

The especially clear waters of Limnos and the wealth of its bottom attract many amateur divers, ready to explore its depth and wonderful underwater world.

Going trekking in Limnos, the visitor will discover all the hidden beauties of the island.
• the route leading to the chapel of Virgin Mary (Panagia) Kakaviotissa starts from the coast of Evgati, goes through the village of Thanoa and finally leads to the rocks where the chapel is erected.
• the route to the archeological sites of Hephaestia and Cabeirio is exciting. They are just outside Kontopouli of Moudros.
• the waterfall of Katsaiti is a beautiful landscape. Take the route from the beach of Ai Yannis to the village of Kaspakas and walk until the stream of Katsaitis.
• you can reach the impressive sand dunes by following an earthen road from the village of Katalakkos. You will be rewarded with a desert in the middle of nowhere.

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