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In the crucial battle of Crimea at the beginning of 1919, that meant the end of the Russian civil war, the White Army was severely crushed. A group of Cossacks, around 5.000, disembarked in Limnos and camped at a deserted beach, near the village of Portianou.

Limnos played an important role in modern history. In World War II, the German occupation of Limnos lasted from April 1941 until October 1944. In the period of 1941-44 a great number of German troops (up to 700 men) settled in the island. German soldiers, as well as officers are buried in the military of Moudros and Portianos.

The battle of Limnos on January 5th 1913, was the second from the two major ones between the Greek Royal Navy and the Ottoman Fleet during the 1st Balkan War. The battle ended in the proud victory of the Greek fleet. The strategic result of the battle was that the Turkish fleet did not venture again at Dardanelles in the years to come, leaving the dominance of the Aegean to the Greek fleet.

In 196 the Romans prevailed in Greece and declare Limnos free to apply its own laws, but with the obligation to accept roman guard. In 188 it was turned over again to the Macedonians. Finally, in 166 they turned over their administration to the Athenians, which lasted until the end of the 2nd century AC, when Emperor Septimius Severus declares it autonomous.

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