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At a small bay, 20km north of Myrina, after the village, you will find one of the most beautiful landscapes of Limnos, Gomati beach. It has a long beachfront, unprotected from the winds and it is offered for wind surfing, while its morphology, rocks and pebbles from one side and thick sand from the other, create an idyllic contradiction. Gomati is an ideal place for a quiet swim and walks on the beach.
Even though it is recommended as a calm place, it does have tourist facilities, both sunbeds and parasols at the beach bar.
We recommend that, before going to the beach, you visit the impressive sand dunes, known as Pachies Ammoudies that will make you feel like you are in the desert. Make sure to walk and take a picture of this small Sahara.
To go there from Myrina, follow the ring road towards the airport and turn for Kornos. You will follow the road to Sardes, Dafni and Katalako. Then, you will take the dirt road to Gomati, as you will see in the signs. The area is an important biotope and thus there is a mild intervention in the area.

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