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Going trekking in Limnos, the visitor will discover all the hidden beauties of the island.
• the route leading to the chapel of Virgin Mary (Panagia) Kakaviotissa starts from the coast of Evgati, goes through the village of Thanoa and finally leads to the rocks where the chapel is erected.
• the route to the archeological sites of Hephaestia and Cabeirio is exciting. They are just outside Kontopouli of Moudros.
• the waterfall of Katsaiti is a beautiful landscape. Take the route from the beach of Ai Yannis to the village of Kaspakas and walk until the stream of Katsaitis.
• you can reach the impressive sand dunes by following an earthen road from the village of Katalakkos. You will be rewarded with a desert in the middle of nowhere.

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