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Lakes Aliki, Hortarolimni & Asprolimni

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The three great biotopes of the island Aliki is a coastal salt lake, while Hortarolimni is a coastal seasonal brackish swamp. The lakes Aliki and Hortarolimni are at the eastern side of Limnos and along the seashore and close to one another. The surface of the two lakes is 600 and 230 hectares, respectively. Between them, there is a smaller lake, Asprolimni with 42 hectares. Aliki is covered most of the year with sea water, unlike Hortarolimni that lacks water most of the year. When there is no water, both Aliki and Hortalolmni form an extensive saline flat, the verge of which that is towards the sea has no plantation due to the strong winds of the area.

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