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Venetian Castle and the Mansions at Romeikos Bay

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When you reach the capital of the island, Myrina, the visitor can see its cobblestone pavements. The Byzantine Castle built by Andronikos A Komnenos emerges over the town. With an area of 144 acres, it is considered the biggest castle in the Aegean. It was built on the ruins of Pelasgian walls and it has 14 towers. The Castle is for years now a shelter for dears, which are a protected species in the island. Moving along the port towards its end, the traditional small port of Myrina with the colorful fishing boats and taverns are waiting for you to taste delicious seafood. Along the castle and across Athos, you can find Romeikos bay. Along the bay, there are the mansions of Limnian aristocracy that were built in the last century. At the time, they were financially strong due to the businesses they had in Egypt, from their fleet and the large tillable fields on the island. As it is characteristically mentioned, these mansions were the result of "Egyptian remittance and western eclecticism".

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