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Ancient Hephaestia

374 times

Hephaestia was the capital of Pelasgians at the NE part of the island, near the current village of Kontopouli. Its life lasted from 1000 BC to 1200 BC approximately, while its peak was in 5th and 4th century BC. Nowadays, the remains of a complex city that included buildings, palaces, baths and Christian churches, Hellenistic-roman theater and sanctuary of the 8th to 6th century BC dedicated to goddess Limnos, are saved. South-west of the city, Hephaestia's necropolis and three more cemeteries of later times were discovered. The Hephaestia was burnt by the Persians in 511 BC; however it was rebuilt and acquired strong walls by the Athenians and remained as capital of the island until the Middle Age.


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