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Russian Cossacks

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In the crucial battle of Crimea at the beginning of 1919, that meant the end of the Russian civil war, the White Army was severely crushed. A group of Cossacks, around 5.000, disembarked in Limnos and camped at a deserted beach, near the village of Portianou.

The last Cossacks disembarked in Limnos in November 1920. The expatriated Cossacks came to the island with their families and stayed there until December 1921. The Limnians were impressed by the religiousness, the culture and the neatness of the Cossacks, this why they respected and admired them a lot. From March 1920 until December 1921, approximately 350 Russians died in Limnos. Among them, 82 were children. Most of them were buried in Portianou, at Pounda, while 29 were buried at the military cemetery in Moudros. The Russians came to Limnos, found the cemetery of the Cossacks and fenced the area and put a large white marble cross there.

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