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Battle of Limnos and the ANZAC

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The battle of Limnos on January 5th 1913, was the second from the two major ones between the Greek Royal Navy and the Ottoman Fleet during the 1st Balkan War. The battle ended in the proud victory of the Greek fleet. The strategic result of the battle was that the Turkish fleet did not venture again at Dardanelles in the years to come, leaving the dominance of the Aegean to the Greek fleet.

Moreover, it contributed in a great degree, so that Greece entered in World War I two years later on the side of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). The island was used as a naval, air and hospital base of the Allies. On April 20th 1915, the small port of Moudros was flooded with battle ships of the Allies. The Australians-New Zealanders departed from Greek soil in the afternoon of April 24th to attack Gallipoli and take over the control of Dardanelles from the Turks. T. A. Miles writes: "No other port in the world had more ships that this small port of Limnos these days". Later an Australian memorial was built at the entrance of the port of Moudros. Also, two streets that lead to the military cemeteries of Moudros and Portianou have been named "ANZAC Street".


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