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Pelasgians settled in Limnos in the 8th century BC. They were persecuted from Attica and they in turn ousted the Minyans, who were forced to leave the island and seek for a new country. Herodotus calls them Tyrrhenians and considers that they had common origin with Etrusci from Lydia in Minor Asia.

However, they had a close cultural relation with the Greeks, from which they were influenced in art and religion. Their capital was Hephaestia, but they had expanded their activities to the other big town of the island, Myrina, where remains of the Perasgian wall of castle are saved today. Pelasgians honored the deities of Cabeiri in a sanctuary at Chloe, NE of Hephaestia. The extensive excavations that took place in the thirties revealed a large temple of the Hellenistic period. Its entrance is from the east and the adytum is from the west. Nowadays, the voluminous polygonal columns of the entrance are saved. SE of this temple, a smaller roman sanctuary was found, of different orientation, under which the ancient sanctuary of Pelasgians was discovered in 1988.

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