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Terra Lemnia

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The successful recovery of Philoctetes made Terra Lemnia famous worldwide as a medicine for a number of diseases. The soil was extracted once a year after a great ceremony in a sacred area in the center of the island, between the village of Repanidi and the current location of Kotsinas.

It was then sealed, in order to establish the originality of the product, as there were many fakes. The sealed soil, Terra Lemnia for Greeks and Terra Sigillata for Latins, which was considered to have astringent effect, cured dysentery, relieved stomach ulcer, neutralized snakes' poison and as an ointment was suitable for the inflammations of the eyes and it was widely used in the Middle Age to combat swine fever, remained in the forefront until the end of the 19th century, when it was replaced by industrial drugs that contained the same ingredients.

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