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Limnos and the Trojan War

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According to Homer, the island played a significant role in the result of the Trojan War. During the first campaign against Toy, Philoctetes along with Hercules went to the island of Chryse and offered sacrifices to the altar of the Goddess Chryse. Later, Philoctetes went again to the altar to offer sacrifices on behalf of all the Achaeans. He was then bitten by a snake on the foot.

Consequently, he suffered from intense pains and the wound had a foul smell. The Achaeans left him on the island, in a cave known to Limnos as the Cave of Philoctetes and left for Troy. Philoctetes stayed in that cave in Limnos for many years. He found food by hunting with the weapons of Hercules and relieved his pain with Terra Lemnia. In the meanwhile, the Achaeans besieged Troy for ten years and could not concur it. When Odysseus captured a prophet of Troy, Helenus, he told them that in order to take over Troy, Philoctetes should come with the weapons of Hercules. So Odysseus and the son of the dead now Achilles, Neoptolemus, went to Limnos. They did not manage to convince Philoctetes to go with them to Troy. However, the voice of the dead Hercules was heard and told him that it was Zeus will that he should go. Philoctetes finally obeyed and went to Troy, where he was healed by the sons of Asclepius, Machaon and Podalirius. Philoctetes did fight in Troy with Hercules' weapons and killed Paris. The Cave of Philoctetes is located near the sanctuary of Cabeiri. Moreover, the reign of Eunes, son of Hypsipyle coincided with the Trojan War. Euneus cooperated with both sides, proving his capabilities in commerce, negotiation and diplomacy. According to Homer, he sold to them wine and they provided him with copper, iron, leather and slaves.


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