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The first inhabitants of Limnos

419 times

From the various findings in the excavations in Poliochne, it appears that Limnos was first settled in the 4th millennium BC. From 4000 BC until the appearance of Sintians, the inhabitants of Limnos were not known. It is the period that Poliochne developed significant civilization (4000-1600 BC), and perhaps the town of Chryse, for which there is no evidence of development and civilization until today.

The first inhabitants of Limnos, according to Homer, were the Sintians, nomads from the East that founded many cities. Their settlement on the island dates in the half of the second millennium before Christ (1500 BC). The Sintians were harsh and hostile and lived in caves. We learn from Homer that the Sintians, who were culturally influenced by the Phoenicians, were the first to make copper weapons with raw materials they brought from Minor Asia. Additionally, we learn that they built the first town of Limnos, Hephaestia, in the honor of Hephaestus, and established "Hephaestia" (games). According to Aeschylus, the temple of Hephaestia in Limnos is the first spot from which fire appeared and was given to men, by Titan Prometheus. In Limnos, there are remains of at least 14 Neolithic settlements, with the most significant one, the one in Poliochne. The archaeological excavations revealed seven towns built one on top of the other, in successive historical phases from 4000 BC to 1500 BC with advanced civilization, as revealed by the findings.


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