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The Argonauts

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As their first stop, the Argonauts chose the island of Limnos; however, they did not know that the island was cursed by goddess Aphrodite. The Limnian women had neglected their religious duties towards the goddess of beauty, so she punished them severely. The skin of the women was infused with a terrible stench and nobody could go near them.

The rejection of the men of the island made the women furious, so one night they wore their armors, took the weapons of the men and attacked them. In the morning they threw all the bodies in the sea. The mount from where the bodies were thrown was named "Petasos" and the area where the men were butchered was named "Androphonion"-known today as Androni. The women of the island, when they saw from the coast the vessel of the Argonauts, they took their weapons and deployed on the beach in order to prevent them from approaching. Jason begged the women to talk to their leader and they led him to queen Hypsipyle. Upon agreement, it was decided to help the women by organizing rites and sacrifices in the name of Aphrodite. The Limnian women were immediately released from the cursed and found their beauty and their lost charm. The Argonauts stayed in Limnos for several years; Jason married Hypsipyle and the Argonauts married the women of the island. From this intermarriage resulted the tribe of Minyans.

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