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God Hephaestus

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According to Homer, Hephaestus fell on the island, when his father, Zeus, kicked him out of mount Olympus. The inhabitants of the island took good care of him, and he, in order to thank them, taught them the art of metallurgy and gave them the Terra Lemnia (or Terra Sigillata) as gift.

Honoring the God, the ancient inhabitants named the first town they founded in the island, Hephaestia. According to the myth, Hephaestus transferred the knowledge of the art to Cabeiri, the children he fathered from nymph Cabiro. They were later worshiped in a special temple that was built in Limnos, the Cabirio. Their worship, that was mystic, was expanded to Samothrace and elsewhere and it probably derives from an exclusive metallurgist union.

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