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The people

Limnos has always open arms to both the visitor that seeks to relax but also to the tourist that seeks a different lifestyle, even a new place to live.
Nowadays islanders, simple, authentic people who consider themselves descendants of the Argonauts, are hospitable and kind. They have their own slow rhythm, without the stress of big cities.
Most of the people of Limnos, from ancient years, are occupied mostly with agriculture and cattle-breeding. However, there are other professions. In some villages, the Asia Minor element is dominant, since many families found refuge in Limnos after their persecution from the coastline of Ionia.
It is said that most of prosperous people of Limnos left the island in 1770, together with their families, in order to survive from atrocities by troops of Hassan Chatzis Jetzaerlis, and they took refuge in Egypt, the then "promised land", where they made a great fortune. In Alexandria, people of Limnos excelled as cotton dealers. In the 50's, they brought and planted the specific seed to the island, the land of which has the necessary surface waters for its development, and since then Limnos became a center of cotton production. The harvesting had taken place manually for many years, but systematic cultivation has stopped for a long time now, despite the efforts of some enlightened people to bring it back experimentally for creating a fine seed, but it was replaced by wheat, sesame and vineyards. Many islanders immigrated to America in 1890 until 1910 and in the fifties they emigrated per hundreds, mainly to Australia. However, they never stopped visiting their country, some even every year.


In Limnos, since very old times, the social structure of each place was characterized by the presence of traditional cattle-breeder. So, Kechagiades, princes of grasslands and sovereigns of flocks, settled into neighboring beautiful folds, in order to take care of animals, and were occupied with the cultivation of land. They even developed their own culture that is preserved to date, through their songs and dances.


People of Limnos weren't only people of land. Fishery and processing of natural sponge flourished for many years in the island and even today you may meet one of the last sponge-fishers in the cafe of some village, who will gladly share with you his experiences. This art doesn't exist anymore in the island, but the Museum of Sponge-fishing in Koutali has many things to show you.

Blacksmiths or Katsiveloi

The islanders always processed, even nowadays in a smaller degree (due to technology), metal and fire. Now, there are very few of the famous blacksmith's workshops or katsivelika.


A special mention should be made to the Limnian ceramists, who are now few left. Authentic workmen of the traditional art that manipulate the Terra Limnia and create beautiful objects and artifacts.

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