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Limnos is the 8th-largest island of Greece, with an area of 476 km2 and the 4th-largest in coastline (260 km). It is located in the North Aegean, in the Thracian sea, between Mount Athos, and the islands of Samothrace, Imvros and Lesbos. Along with the island of Agios Efstrations, Limnos forms the regional unit of Lesvos. Myrina, the capital and main port of Limnos, was named after the wife of the first king of the island, Thoantas. Until 1955, Myrina was named Kastro (castle); that name prevailed during the Byzantine era and this is how older islanders still call it.
Limnos is a volcanic island, and even though it does not have any forests, its extensive fields are fertile, cultivated with vineyards and wheat. It is an ideal destination for relaxed vacations, with wonderful clean beaches. The locals are mainly occupied in stock breeding, agriculture, fishing and of course, tourism and maritime occupations. Limnos has a population of approximately 18.000 residents (2001 census).

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